Most importantly, the

Personal Projects


Personal projects

The personal projects: the driving motivation for my videography and the real meat of my body of work. I love filming people doing something that they're passionate about, be that rolling out dough to make sticky buns or deadlifting their own weight, whatever really lights them up from within. 


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As a photographer for a major cruise company out of England, I was trained in some basic videography for the production of my ship's cruise highlights DVD. A couple months later, after taking on the role as lead videographer for my ship, I started developing more of a personal style. Developmental work, but still a massive facet to my portfolio and worth showing.


covering your

weddings & events


weddings & events

Documentary videography goes hand in hand with capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments, and your big day is no exception. Video is far and beyond one of the simplest ways of remembering that precious occasion for years and years to come.